• SSL Certificate - ENCRYPTION QUICK LOCK ($65 Annually + $12 Installation)

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  • SSL CERTIFICATE : POWER UP! Quick Lock - $75 Annually + $12 Install

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  • GEO TRUST Premium SSL - $88 Annually + $12 Install

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  • SSL Certificate - GEO Trust True Business ID with EV ($199 Annually + $12 Install)

    • $199 + $12 SSL Certificate + Install Fee
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  • Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate (same server)

    • $329 + $15 Install Fee SSL Certificate + Install Fee
    • A non-wildcard domain (e.g. must be listed as the Common Name, or base domain in the CSR. This certificate will secure 2 wildcard domains (e.g. *, *, etc.) by default. You must purchase additional SAN support if you need to secure more than 2 wildcard or non-wildcard domains. The Multiple Domain Wildcard SSL Certificates by Comodo can secure an unlimited number of sub-domains under multiple domains. This SAN enabled wildcard SSL certificate is an excellent choice for companies that have a lot of domain names on the same server, as it allows you to secure any domain or common name using just one certificate. You can add up to 250 additional domain names. PLEASE NOTE
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  • Comodo SSL Wildcard Certificate

    • $299 + $15 install Fee SSL Certificate + Install Fee
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    $12.00 Setup Fee
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